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03.09.02 Meek, Alexander Beaufort, Romantic Passages in Southwestern History, published in 1857.

Notes Concerning the Author

Alexander Beaufort Meek (1814-1865) was a poet, historian, orator, attorney, public official, and journalist, and was the foremost literary figure in Alabama prior to the War Between the States,  Born in Columbia, South Carolina,  he migrated with his family to Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the age of 5.  When the newly established University of Alabama opened in 1831 in Tuscaloosa, he was among the first students enrolled, graduating in 1833.  He was admitted to the Alabama bar in 1835 at the age of 21.

He was active in politics and journalism and published many historical sketches, literature pieces and poems in journals.  But, in 1857 he collected is best works into two books for publication: Romantic Passages in Southwestern History, a 342-page collection of orations and historical sketches delivered or published previously; and Songs and Poems of the South, a collection of prior compositions, bringing together the best of his poems and some pieces that had appeared in failed periodicals.


Romantic Passages in Southwestern History is an important window into life, politics, literature and history in Alabama from pioneer days to 1856.  The Society needs help in expanding on our Abstract.

Availability of this Book

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