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03.02.06 Maryland my Maryland, The Cultural Cleansing of a Small Southern State, by Joyce Bennett

Notes Concerning the Author

Joyce Bennett has lived the history that her essays speak to, that is since after World War II, when the cultural cleansing of America began in earnest, with special attention to the rebellious Southern States.  She has written many essays and articles for publication in local journals.  These constitute the bulk of this book.

Our Review

This is not a comprehensive history of Maryland.  Look to the other recommended books in this section of our website for that story.  But if you want more.  If you want to read essays and commentary and segments of history that speak to the destruction of the old Maryland culture, then spend a few hours with this 200 page book.  You can easily hop around and pick and choose, but you will find most of the content worthwhile.  

On the back of this book it says, “Joyce Bennett is a patriot holding a last outpost of the real Maryland.  She knows the history and original culture of her commonwealth.  She has watched that pleasant and very American culture — its speech, manners, cuisine, attitudes, and traditions — being vigorously wiped out by newcomers who have turned Maryland into a mere minor part of the northeastern megalopolis.  These things sadly lost are the things that constitute civilization and create community.”

So here is a chance to explore these problems and feel the emotions surrounding them.

Availability of this book

Just now published, we suggest you go to Amazon.  Also on Kindle.  This book was published in 2014 by Joyce Bennett in 2014 under the title, Maryland, My Maryland: Letters from the Outpost.