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03.02.02 Bennett, Joyce, Letters from the Outpost: Essays on the Cultural Cleansing of a Small Southern State, published 2014.

Notes Concerning the Author

Joyce L. Bennet is a member of The Society of Independent Southern Historians, a Maryland patriot and an accomplished writer.  

Our Review

Joyce Bennett tells the history and describes the culture of Maryland, establishing that it was without doubt a Southern state from its founding until very recent times.  Maryland in 1860 gave Lincoln less than 1 per cent of its vote and Lincoln resorted to  military occupation and control to prevent secession.  Subsequently  the  pleasant manners, customs, speech, cuisine, and attitudes of Maryland have been cleansed by outsiders, leaving the state little more than a minor part of the Northeast.

Availability of this Book

Letters from the Outpost is privately published and available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Click below to see the offering at Amazon.