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02.23.22 : Mitcham, Samuel W., Jr., The Greatest Lynching in American History: New York, 1863, published in 2020

About the Author
Dr. Samuel W. Mitchum, Jr. is distinguished as a historian concerning the War Between the States.  He received his PhD at the University of Tennessee.  He has authored over 40 books and is the holder of the Jefferson Davis Gold Metal for the Writing and Research of Southern History.
Our Review
The subject, the 1863 Draft Riots in and around New York City, is a major historical event that all Southern people need to understand.  The horrors of the attacks on the few Black people living in that city proves so vividly how the North hated the Black people in their respective states and were refusing to join in any notion of a war against the seceded states that aimed at abolishing slavery and allowing Blacks to migrate North.
Dr. Mitcham does a fine job telling this story.
Availability of this Book
Readily available through Amazon and Shotwell Publishing