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02.23.21 Chodes, John, Washington’s KKK: The Union League During Southern Reconstruction, published in 2016

Notes Concerning the Author

John Chodes is a resident of New York State but became interested in Southern Culture long ago.  A playwright biographer and historian, Chodes’s books and articles involve a rather long list.  

Our Review

This book is a quick read; only 61 pages in rather large type.  So this reviewer encourages the reader to use this resource to gain a short education on a very important subject: the behavior of the Republican Party’s Union League in both efforts to suppress opposition in the Northern States and in efforts to politically organize blacks in the Confederacy and other Southern States for the purpose of sustaining the Republican Party and justifying the conquest of that nation.  The Union League did not dress in white sheets and burn crosses.  But it exerted great power over the nation for many years.  Read the story here and then look elsewhere for a more extensive treatment of the subject.

Availability of this Book

Published in 2016 by Shotwell Press, we suggest simply going to Amazon for a copy.