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02.07.14 : Pryor, Mrs. Roger A., Reminiscences of Peace and War, published in 1904

Notes Concerning the Author

Sara Agnes Rice Pryor (1830—1912) of Virginia was the well-educated daughter of a Baptist minister and the wife of Roger A. Pryor, congressman, diplomat, judge, and Confederate general.

Our Review

Mrs. Pryor left one of the most interesting memoirs of the War between the States, along with those of Richard Taylor and Raphael Semmes.  At times she accompanied her husband in the Confederate army and acted as a nurse.  Later she lived with her children in Petersburg during the siege of that city.  Her first-hand  experiences  are well told and more realistic than the famous recollections of Mary Chestnut.  Mrs.  Pryor’s writings provide a remarkable entry into the culture of the Old South and the civilian experience of war.

Availability of this book

We suggest a paperback version from Amazon.  Also, the text can be found in several places online.  Click below for Amazon.