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02.07.03 Johnson, Ludwell H., North Against South: The American Iliad, 1848—1877, published in 1993

Notes Concerning Author

Ludwell Harrison Johnson III (1927-   ) was born in Charleston, West Virginia and raised in Richmond, Virginia.  He received his Ph. D. degree from John Hopkins University in 1955 and became a professor of history at the College of William and Mary.  His history specialty was the War Between the States, “with a focus on the political and economic motives of those” who sought to leave the Federal Government through State Secession.

Notable histories by his pen were Red River Campaign: Politics and Cotton in the Civil War (1958) and Division and Reunion: America, 1848-1877 (1978).  The latter book was later published under the title, North Against South: The American Iliad, 1848-1877.


Originally published as Division and Reunion:  America, 1848-1877, in 1978, this book is a consummate analysis of the causes, conduct, and results of the War between the States.  Johnson begins with the political sectionalism that gave rise to the Republican  Party in the northern States and the secession of seven southern States.  From there he proceeds to the Federal subjugation of Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri, and on to the Federal Invasion of the seceded States.  This leads to the surrender of Confederate forces and the Political Reconstruction of the conquered States.  This history covers three eras, but is listed with the era of the war years.  It also applies to the era of Political Sectionalism and the era of Political Reconstruction.

Availability of this Book

This book can be obtained on Amazon and similar outlets for modest prices.  It is not available as an e-book.

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