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02.07.02 Henry, Robert Selph, The Story of the Confederacy, published in 1936 by Grosset & Dunlap.

Notes Concerning the Author

Robert Selph Henry (1889-1970) was born at Clifton, Tennessee to Robert Allison Henry and wife Jemima Emily.  Soon afterward the Henry’s moved to Nashville.  He graduated from Vanderbilt in 1911 and did post graduate work at  Queens College in Cambridge, England. He was admitted to the Tennessee bar in  1911 and practiced law in Nashville from 1915 to 1921.  For the next 13 years he was assistant to the president of the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis  Railroad.  In 1934 he left the railroad industry to study and write history, about which he was passionate, especially history concerning the southern States and their people.

The Story of the Confederacy, was Henry’s first book, published in 1937.  For many years that work was considered to be the definitive history of the rise of the  Confederate States of America and the War Between the States.  The book on the War Against Mexico was published in 1950 and is also among the Society’s Recommended Reading List items.  He wrote many other books as well.

Henry is a good example of an “Independent” historian who did not make his living within the “Academic Community.”


Robert Selph Henry’s book of the Confederate States of American is a good place to begin a study of the War Between the States.

Availability of this Book

The Story of the Confederacy has been reprinted as a hardbound book and as a paperback book.  Suggest Amazon or other sources.  There is no Kindle e-book.  You should have no problem getting a print book at a reasonable price.