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02.06.16 : Springer, Francis W., War for What?, published in 1990

Notes Concerning the Author

Francis W. Springer (1899-1991) was an American writer.  In addition to War for What?. Springer wrote a small booklet titled, American Myth Month, which was published in 1973.


Of this easy-to-read book of 221 pages, James Thornton wrote:

“A conscientious reading of Francis W. Springer’s War for  What? Is extremely rewarding. This is first of all a history of early America, of the  South, of relations between North and South, of the war, and of the Reconstruction and  post-Reconstruction period, It is also a rich commentary on certain unique aspects of the  Southern way of life and outlook on life and on where the events of the past 130 years  have led us. 

“Springer’s writing, of course, reflects a Southern  outlook. For example, he states: “The Union of Sovereign States, each state deriving  its powers from its own people, and the federal government having only those powers  granted it by the states, ended when Lincoln was allowed to eviscerate the Constitution.  Lincoln did not save the Union, the Union that the delegates founded in 1788. A new Union  was created in the 1860s with power over the states, power usurped by deception and  maintained by force.” This is a precise history of the South and contains a useful  bibliography and valuable appendices.”

For readers who are eager to live the history of this subject as a vast epic, attention is directed to Bloodstains, An Epic History of the Politics that Produced and Sustained the American Civil War and the Political Reconstruction the Followed.  It is listed at 02.00.01.

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