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02.05.10 : Tucker, George, The History of the United States from Their Colonization to the End of the Twenty-Sixth Congress in 1841, published in 4 volumes, 1856 – 1857.

George Tucker’s definitive and comprehensive work, , was published in 4 volumes during 1856 and 1857.

Notes Concerning the Author.

George Tucker (1775—1861) was one of the leading intellectual figures of the antebellum South as professor at the University of Virginia, pioneer statistician, economist, novelist, and historian. 


Tucker’s work is the first history of the United States from a Jeffersonian and Southern perspective at a time when historical writing was dominated by New Englanders and Hamiltonians.   It is focused on the Jeffersonian era of the early 19th century.

Other works by the Author.

George Tucker also wrote the first substantial and balanced biography titled, Life of Thomas Jefferson (1837).  His work in statistics and economics is  important,  as in The Theory of Money and Banks Investigated (1839).   Curiously, Tucker was killed just on the eve of the War between the States  by a cotton bale falling on him from a ship being loaded.

Availability of the Book and others Mentioned.

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