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02.04.05 Ellet, Elizabeth F., The Women of the American Revolution, in three Volumes, published in 1848-1850.

Our Review:

Elizabeth  Fries Lummis Ellet (1818?—1877) was born in New York.  Her forebears on both sides were prominent early settlers and Revolutionary War leaders in western New York.   She spent much of her life in Columbia, South Carolina, where her husband was a science professor.  She was a prolific writer of articles and books.  Her most outstanding work was THE WOMEN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION in which she recounted the courageous acts  of more than 150 women in sustaining  the cause of American independence against British, Tories, and Indians.  She may be regarded as a pioneer in social history and women’s history.    Unlike many writers of the time, who pretended that New England was the only significant part of the Revolution, her  history concentrated on the South and Middle states.  The book has gone  through numerous editions and reprints.