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02.04.04 Ramsay, David, The History of the American Revolution, two volumes published in 1789.

David Ramsay’s work, The History of the American Revolution, was published in  2 volumes in 1789. 

Notes Concerning the Author.

David Ramsay (1749—1815) of Charleston, South Carolina,  pioneer scientific physician and Revolutionary leader, was also the first major American historian.  


Ramsey’s history of the Revolution, written by one high in the councils of his State and a member of the Continental Congress, is still a vital source in understanding the American thought and the progress of events at the time.  

Other Works by this Author.

Ramsay also wrote a magisterial History of South-Carolina, from its first Settlement in 1670, to the Year 1808.  This is in two volumes published in 1809.

Availability of these Books.

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