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02.04 PERIOD HISTORIES, Revolutionary Period Histories, from 1763 to 1799

02.04.01Jefferson, Thomas, A Summary View of the Rights of British America, published in 1774.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

02.04.02Jensen, Merrill, The Articles of Confederation, published in 1940.  [We need a review of this book]

02.04.03Bradford, M. E., Original Intentions: On Making and Ratification of the United States Constitution, published in 1993.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

02.04.04Ramsay, David, The History of the American Revolution, two volumes published in 1789.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

02.04.05Ellet, Elizabeth F., The Women of the American Revolution, in three Volumes, published in 1848-1850.   [Click on Number to Read Review]

02.04.06Simms, William Gilmore, The Life of Francis Marion, published in 1844.  [Click on Number to Read Review]

02.04.07 :  Alden, John R., The American Revolution in the South, 1763-1789, published in 1957.  [A review of this is needed]

02.04.08 :  Syfert, Scott,  The First American Declaration of Independence?, published in 2014.  [Click on number to read review]

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