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01.17 Concerning Family Life and Education

01.17.01 :  Concerning Rural Southern Family Life — Students of Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School, The Foxfire Book and Foxfire 2 through 9, published 1973-1986. [Click on number to link to our review]

01.17.02:  Concerning Southern Education During Political Reconstruction —

01.17.03 :  Concerning Southern Education from 1914 to 1940 — Willis, Larry Jordan, Advancing American Reading Achievement During the Great Depression, a PhD dissertation by Larry Jordan Willis, Peabody College, Nashville, Tennessee, 1939, re-published in 2010 by Howard Ray White, editor and publisher. [Click on number to link to our review]

01.17.04 :  Concerning Effect of Segregation in Southern Schools up to 1940 —

01.17.05 :  Concerning Pre-1940 Studies 0f African American Education —