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01.15 Concerning Agriculture, Industry, Science and Commerce

01.15.01 :  Concerning Southern Agricultural History —  Gray, Lewis Cecil, A History of Agriculture in the Southern United States to 1860, published in 1933 [Click on the number to link to our review]

01.15.02 :  Concerning Southern Industrial History —

01.15.03 :  Concerning Southern Transportation History —  Taylor, George R., The Transportation Revolution, 1815-1860published in 1951. [Click on the number to link to our review]

01.15.04 :  Concerning Southern Commercial History — 

01.15.05 :  Concerning Notable Southern Scientific Advances — Audubon, John James, ornithologist, his Journals (2 volumes, 1897) and The Birds of America (published 1827 through 1838 in England, consisting of 435 large paintings in a “Double Elephant Folio,” afterward republished in many ways). [Click on number to link to our review]