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01.07 Monthly Memorial Message — A Pre-1940s Perspective

Our organization, The Society of Independent Southern Historians, is pledged to confine our historical endeavors to events prior to the 1940s. We leave the history of more recent times to others. And we avoid being caught up in political activism. But we are making an exception with issues concerning public memorials (also referred to as “monuments”) erected before 1940 that commemorate past historical persons and events. We denounce vandalism and political activism that targets such memorials with the aim of politically dividing our citizens. To that end, we have begun posting a Monthly Memorial Message on this website. Each such posting will focus on the history of certain memorials (monuments) while also arguing for respect and preservation. Destroying American history will not make America great.

01.07.01  A Monumental Spin (Virginia CSA Monuments), by H. V. Traywick, Jr. [Click on number to view]

01.07.02  Useful Monsters, by Valerie Protopapas  [Click on number to view]