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01.03.03 Our November 2013 Southern Historians Newsletter

The Society of Independent Southern Historians

Our Newsletter for November 2013

It is hard for me to put into words how diligently and dedicatedly Dr. Clyde N. Wilson has worked to add terrific content to our web-site over the past 4 weeks.  He has produced a torrent of expert book reviews and has written about one dozen essays for exclusive publication on our web-site, each of which presents the Works of an important Southern leader, from Thomas Jefferson, to William Gilmore Simms, to Edgar Allan Poe, to you name it.  As Director of Operations for our Society, I have frankly fallen behind in posting these contributions to our web-site with proper indexing and cross references.  But I just received word that Clyde will be taking a break from researching and writing for the Society in order to apply himself to another very important project.  This ought to give me time to post and organize all the items received from Clyde.  So, thankfully, our web-site will be very impressive in many categories by the end of December:

  • Comprehensive with respect to South Carolina. 
  • Impressive with respect to Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia. 
  • Not so much with regard to Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas. 
  • So that is our message —  folks to the west need to step up and begin contributing content!

Clyde and I both hope that the results of the work we have been engaged in since May of this year will inspire others to become engaged on behalf of their state and region.

In the October newsletter, I announced an intention to host a “face-to-face” meeting of a few of our members for the purpose on coordinating our effort and to approve a set of by-laws for our Society.  The response was frankly poor, as we rather anticipated.  Goodness, our members would be coming from Northern Virginia, Florida, Mississippi, even Texas.  Those are long distances.  And we can  accomplish our goals through telephone calls and the internet.  We need to remember that our Society is essentially an internet organization.  You will be getting info on the by-laws in December and I appreciate your response.

Please go to our web-site,, and view our progress.  And please go to button 20.00 at the bottom left and keep abreast of the great essays being produced by Dr. Wilson.  All should be on-line by Thanksgiving.

We remain far short of our goal of raising $5,000 this year and expanding our membership into the hundreds.  So help with recruitment and finances are appreciated.  We are a non-profit registered in North Carolina and contributions are tax deductible.

Feel free to call me at 704-242-0022 to discuss opportunities to help.

Best Wishes,

Howard Ray White, Director of Operations