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01.01.01 An Appeal by Howard Ray White and Clyde N. Wilson, released in November 2013

The following appeal was addressed to members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  You may or may not belong to that organization.  Whatever the case, we hope the message is meaningful to you.

An Appeal by Dr. Clyde N. Wilson and Mr. Howard Ray White

First, the Problem:  Have you, members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, been concerned that the truthful history of the Southern States, their people and their culture is being smothered into obscurity by the so-called “politically correct” in the nation’s schools and universities, in media, in political discourse, in the entertainment industry, in, well, just about everywhere, including our local newspaper and television stations — concerned over their misrepresentation of everything dear to our ancestry, not just about the history of Secession, War and Political Reconstruction, but everything else as well? 

Second, an Answer:  Well, Howard Ray White of Charlotte and Dr. Clyde N. Wilson of Columbia have begun to fight back against the loss of what we of the South hold dear.  And we need your help.  Although we are historians and writers, we realized that some of the best writing is in old, almost forgotten books, and another new book won’t matter much.    So, in April 2013 we founded a new society to build a vast on-line library bibliography of important works we see worthy of preservation and promotion — works that present the true story of our history, our people and our culture — works that tell of these things beginning with the first settlers at Jamestown, Virginia Colony, forward to the year 1940, when history, for our older folk, becomes not history but current events. 

Third, an Appeal:  Go to to view the already-large web-site.  Note that its structure follows the outline listed on the home page of our web-site.  Find categories where important books are not yet posted and where posted books lack reviews.  Become a Member.  Then submit recommendations, remembering that the old books are often the best.  Membership requires a contribution of your review write-up or a check for $25 or more (annual budget is $5,000).  For more info contact Howard Ray White, Director of Operations,, or 704-846-4411 or at the address below.  Your support is needed and is worthwhile.