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Links Concerning Just Before and During the War Between the States

The Southern Cavalry Review, edited by Valerie Protopapas of Huntington, New York, is the publication of The Stuart-Mosby Historical Society.  This is an excellent periodical concerning the Confederate Cavalry, published every two months.  Editor Valerie Protopapas is a member of the Society of Independent Southern Historians.  To view the webpage for The Stuart-Mosby Historical Society, click here to link:  

Confederate Irregular Warfare in America, 1861-1865, Partisan Rangers and Guerrillas, an informative website with over 300 articles produced by Society Member Bertil Haggman, and currently growing.  Click here to link: 

Circa1865, the postings and blog commentary of Society member Bernard Thuersam of Wilmington, North Carolina.  An extensive website, begun in November 2014 and constantly expanding.  This is an excellent resource.  Extensive bibliography.  Focused on the War Between the States, but offering coverage of history long before and long after that central theme.  A companion resource to the Society website with numerous excerpts of important historical writings, complete with reference notation.    Click here to link to welcome page: .