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UWBTS — Appendix 1: Our List of Society Members Who Wrote this Work and a Bit about Each.

Appendix 1: Our List of Society Members Who Wrote this Work and a Bit about Each.

Clyde N. Wilson, Ph. D., co-editor and Society Founder, of South Carolina.

Emeritus Distinguished Professor of History at the        University of South Carolina; author or editor of more than 30 books and hundreds of articles, essays, and reviews in a wide variety of books and journals, both popular and scholarly; editor of the multi-volume The Papers of John C. Calhoun; founder of the Stephen D. Lee Institute; M.E. Bradford Distinguished Professor of the Abbeville Institute; winner of the Bostick Medal for South Carolina Letters.  Among major works:  Carolina Cavalier: The Life and Mind of James Johnston Pettigrew; From Union to Empire; Defending Dixie.

Howard Ray White, co-editor and Society Founder, of North Carolina.

Retired chemical engineer, historian and writer.  Major publications include Bloodstains, An Epic History of the Politics that Produced and Sustained the American Civil War . . . (4 volumes); Understanding Abe Lincoln’s First Shot Strategy; Understanding Uncle Tom’s Cabin and The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and Understanding Creation and Evolution: a Biblical and Scientific Comparative Study.

Joyce Bennett of Maryland

Author of many articles on Maryland life and history and of the recent Letters from the Outpost: The Cultural Cleansing of a Small Southern State.

Vance Caswell of North Carolina

Free-lance writer and tobacco farmer.

William Cawthon of Alabama.

Among the most informed of the authors who contributed to this project; the author of numerous essays on Southern history and a diligent and energetic researcher.

Paul C. Graham of South Carolina.

Professor of Philosophy at Midlands Technical College, popular public lecturer on the WBTS and other subjects, and editor of the, Palmetto Partisan.

Earl L. Ijames of North Carolina.

Curator of African American History at the N.C. Museum of History and co-producer of the documentary video, “Colored Confederates.”

Gail Jarvis of Georgia.

A retired CPA and historian, Mr. Jarvis has published articles at,, and many journals.

Patrick J. Kealey of California.

A commercial real estate agent, Patrick is passionate about telling the truthful history of the WBTS.

Steve Litteral of Illinois.

Museum director and editor whose writings we appreciate.

Barbara G. Marthal of Tennessee.

A popular African American story-teller and the author of the children’s book, Fighting for Freedom: A Documented Study.

Karen Stokes of South Carolina.

Archivist for the South Carolina Historical Society, historian and writer.  Major publications include the historical works Faith Valor and Devotion; South Carolina Civilians in Sherman’s Path, and The Immortal 600, as well as a series of novels about South Carolina during the WBTS.

Joseph Stromberg of Georgia.

A widely learned and published independent historian, former college instructor and internet columnist.

Egon Richard Tausch of Texas.

A wide-ranging career as an army officer, history professor, attorney, and writer.  Author of over 50 articles for many publications.  Notable books include The Secret Ledger of an Early Texas Doctor.

Leslie R. Tucker of Oklahoma.

Historian and writer.  Major publications include Maj-Gen Isaac Trimble, Baltimore Confederate; Magnolias and Corn Bread, and Brig. Gen. John Adams.

  1. B. “Bo” Traywick, Jr. of Virginia.

A veteran of diverse careers, including tugboat captain, now retired.  Bo Traywick is also a well-researched Historian.  His recent book, Empire of the Owls, Reflections on the North’s War Against Southern Secession, is noteworthy.


The editors would like to recognize the contributions of Dr. Jack Butterworth, Roger Busbice, Rebecca Calcutt, Gene Kizer, Loy Mauch, and Dr. W. Kirk Wood for their help in forwarding this project.

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