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Where people of the Southern States and around the world go to find the Truthful and Comprehensive story of Southern History, Biography, Family Life, Literature and Music.


    About The Society of




                    Southern Historians



  • Our Society is an independent. website-based organization for the preservation and promotion of responsible, truthful, and important Southern history that is free of the anti-South bias that is pervasive today in the academic community.
  • The first effort of our Members has been to jointly establish, at, an on-line, large, annotated reading guide for general readers, students and researchers seeking undistorted knowledge of Southern history.  Like Wikipedia, our website is the work of volunteer reviewers.
  • After this, we are making readily accessible the texts of materials that have been forgotten, or nearly so, materials that will soon be lost if not brought to public attention and made available, especially through the growing e-book technology.
  • We also see our website as the go-to place to publish and read commentary that relates to our interests.  In fact our first publication is out: Understanding the War Between the States, the volunteer effort of 16 member historians.
  • We invite everybody with substantial knowledge of any part of the history of the South to join with us and help in providing this comprehensive and reliable resource for our times and the future (Reading List recommendations and book review write-ups are welcome).
  • The scope of our interest will span from Jamestown to 1940, stopping there to disassociate ourselves from events through which our older members have personally lived.  We avoid present-day politics.
  • Within the time period of our interests (Jamestown to 1940) we encourage and welcome participation by all who are interested in the truthful telling of our history and of our ancestors, including Southerners descended from the British Isles, from Europe, from Africa and those native to North America.
  • Major categories in the reading list include histories (state, pioneering, political, military, etc.), biographies, family life, literature and music.  The War Between the States will be covered in detail, but will not dominate the reading list.
  • The Society is certified by the Secretary of State of North Carolina as “a charitable, educational, heritage, non-profit corporation in accordance to NCGS 55A-2-02, established for the purpose of advancing the public’s knowledge of the Southern people from Jamestown, Virginia Colony to 1940.  The “registered agent” is Howard Ray White, 6012 Lancelot Drive, Charlotte, NC 28270.  The SOSID code is 1318455.  Tax deductible contributions are welcome.  Supporters will see that, because of our volunteers and our strategy of remaining a very efficient web-site based organization, focused on both paper and digital reference materials, every dollar donated will produce very satisfying results.  Thanks to all in advance.