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How to Become a Member

How to Become a Member of the Society of Independent Southern Historians

Anyone can view the webpages established by The Society of Independent Southern Historians, but like in Wikipedia, you need to be a Member to participate in the posting of new Recommended Reading Items and new book review pages to our Website, or to author works that we will be publishing.  New members must contribute $25 to the cost of operating the Society, a one-time, life-time obligation.  Not bad given it is forever.  We also encourage you to be a contributor of Recommended Reading items and book reviews. But you do need to have an email address you frequent every day or so.

To become a Member fill out the Membership form link below.  You may want to also include a book review write-up.  Make check out to The Society of Independent Southern Historians and include with your application.

To prepare your Membership Application, simply go to

and download the one-page Application Form, fill it in and mail it to the address noted on the bottom of the form, complete with your contribution or your book review.  You will receive a reply by email.

We are hopeful that every person making application for membership is willing and able to contribute time and expertise to our website growth.  So it is those folks who we are especially interested in recruiting.  You may be a college history professor, working or retired; you may be an independent student of history and a writer in the field.  Or you may just be enthusiastic about getting the real and truthful history of the Southern people out into cyberspace where it can be found and viewed by anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world.  Whatever may be your case, we welcome you.  Want to become a leader in our effort.  Wonderful.  We need you.

Thanks for your interest.

The Society