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22.13.03 Searching for Lincoln, a DVD movie produced by Darlin Productions in 2015

About the Producer

Searching for Lincoln is the work of Darin Productions, LLC.  The DVD was written by, directed by and produced by Eugene McGowan Jr.  McGowan was born in Queens, New York in 1957, and grew up in Northport, New York. During and after high school he worked at his father’s construction company, acquiring skills that enabled him to become an expert carpenter, developing his eye to visualize. In 1978 he embarked on a new career and became a New York City firefighter. In 1982 he and his high school sweetheart were married and raised three children.  Over a 25 year career he rose to the position of Battalion Chief in the New York City Fire Department.

Since he and his wife had always been interested in the Civil War, in the summer of 2012 they decided to make a video about the real Lincoln. Searching for Lincoln is a culmination of their efforts and of others who helped on the project.  The video is a thought-provoking documentary examining the life—and the legacy—of the man considered one of greatest American Presidents of all time.

My Review

I watched this DVD and found it to be excellent.  It is divided into chapters and covers a lot of issues.  The DVD searches for the Lincoln of Myth, but fails to find it.  Instead the search reveals the Lincoln of Truthful History.  I include the producer’s review below:

The Producer’s Review

“Searching for Lincoln is a unique, well-researched, thought-provoking documentary examining the life—and legacy—of the man considered by many the greatest American President. This painstakingly explored, thoroughly validated account exposes the intentions and actions by which the 16th President commenced the bloodiest and cruelest war America has endured to date. Even more important, however, it illustrates how his victory in that war changed the federal government of the Founding Fathers to what Lincoln called a national government free from constitutional restrictions and how this has led to America’s present political, economic and social disorders. With the end of commemorations of the Sesquicentennial of what is wrongly termed the “Civil War,” Searching for Lincoln brings to light historical accounts of the man and his views on matters of race, slavery, equality, the nature of government, the Constitution and the waging of war on a people whom Lincoln himself called “Americans.” Through his own words and those of his contemporaries together with official United States records, Lincoln lives again—and, with the help of modern historians, we are able to see past “what everybody knows” and into the heart and soul of the man himself. It is an illuminating journey for those who seek the truth.

Availability of this DVD

Go to the website to learn about the video, watch a trailer on , to rent the full video as a download, or purchase the DVD.    Click here to go to website: .