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22.13.02 Videos to be Watched on Vimeo Channel “True American History,” 87 videos each 29 minutes long, produced 2008 to 2013

Notes Concerning Producer and Host

Howard Ray White, the producer and host of “True American History,” is an historian known for his 4-volume history Bloodstains, an Epic History of the Politics that Produced and Sustained the American Civil War.   Along with Dr. Clyde N. Wilson, White co-founded The Society of Independent Southern Historians in 2013.  Under the channel “True American History,” He produced and hosted 187 television shows, each 29 minutes long using the facilities of Time Warner Cable in Charlotte North Carolina.  Of these, 87 are available to be watched on-line.

Review of these Television Shows

Although, many of the television shows hosted by and produced by Howard Ray White, are in the lecture format,  many featured guests with whom White discussed topics of history during the times for 1850 to 1885. His array of guests is extensive.  Surely you will find White discussing with a fascinating guest an historical issue that interests you.  These 29-minute television shows can be viewed at any time, anywhere in the world by going to and searching out the channel “True American History.”

Try this link: .  Then in the search field type in, with quotes, “True American History.”  That is a channel.  It helps to selected that as a channel.  For a shortcut, click here:

Availability of True American History videos

These television shows are available on line at any time anywhere in the world for free.  







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