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22.04.16 Sergeant York, released in 1941

Our Review

Gary Cooper received the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Alvin Cullun York (1887—1964) and the film  got  ten other  Academy  Award nominations  during the patriotic fervor of 1941.    York, from the Tennessee  mountains, was one of the most decorated U.S. soldiers of World War I, astoundingly capturing single-handedly a massive German machine-gun position and its men, for which he received the Congressional Medal of Honor.  The film is good on the war and on  York’s early life—first as a drinker and fighter and then, after being struck by lightning, a devout Christian opposed to  killing who unsuccessfully sought conscientious objector status before being  drafted and sent to France.   Should be remembered  for its  recording of the military services of Southern men for the U.S.   (The most decorated soldier of World War II was Audie Murphy from Texas.)