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22.03.23 America: Imagine the World Without Her, by Dinesh D’Souza, released in 2014, Our Commentary concerning this important documentary.

Our Commentary Concerning this Provocative Documentary

America: Imagine the World Without Her, by Dinesh D’Souza is worthy of everyone’s attention and viewing.  Not because it treats the War Between the States truthfully, for it’s presentation of that era is totally deceptive and politically correct.  


Because, in our opinion, D’Souza is probably not well schooled in that history, for what he knows was probably learned from biased sources.  Perhaps it was partly out of ignorance that, in a straightforward manner, he states that the Civil War was fought by the North to make free the slaves living in the South.  He does not explain why the people of the North were 1) willing to suffer 360,000 dead fighting men, 2) were unwilling to force Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri to free their slaves, and 3) that being all in pursuit of a cause that did not impact their lives or their family’s lives.  

We know President Lincoln and the Republican governors of the Northern States did not launch an invasion of Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri and the Confederate States for the purpose of emancipating 4,000,000 negro slaves.  But we also know that telling the truthful history of that conflict is a monumental task against an entrenched opposition that is determined to sustain the Lincoln myth so long established.  And we know dealing with that myth was D’Souza’s greatest dilemma.  Therefore, concerning certain political battles, he had to retreat, leaving certain fields uncontested, in order to further his goal of winning the political war for the minds of many Americans.  His aim is to defeat the Radical Progressive Movement, led by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, to move America further down the road toward Socialism and an all-powerful Federal Government. 

When it comes to advancing his conservative political message, all-in-all, D’Souza has done a good job .  Go see the movie to learn his methods of argument.  Go to gain additional understanding of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.   It will be worth your while.

Finally, The Society of Independent Southern Historians limits it review of history to events prior to 1940.  In this way we avoid becoming entangled in current politics.  So, in view of that policy, how does this movie merit mention in our website?   Approximately half, if not more, of the content is presentation of American history prior to 1940.  Therefore, we can say it qualifies.

Howard Ray White