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21.15.01 White, Howard Ray, Understanding Creation and Evolution, published in 2014, 2019

Notes Concerning the Author

Howard Ray White (1938 – ____) was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, the son of two school teachers.  He received a degree in chemical engineering at Vanderbilt University and worked in that profession until retiring in 2,000 at age 62.  His main avocation over the past 20 years has been the study of and understanding of American political history with a focus on the politics that produced political sectionalism, state secession and the War Between the States.  He is the author of several books on this subject, which are mentioned elsewhere in the Society’s website.

Continuing his work in relating the history of the Southern people, White is presently Director of Operations for the Society of Independent Southern Historians, where non-academics and “independent-minded” academics come together to present our truthful history and preserve the best writings of the past.

Our Review

Because we members of The Society of Independent Southern Historians are often quizzed about “beliefs” concerning today’s races of man, what makes people different and why it is so, this compact booklet by Howard Ray White is thought to be appropriate for listing as a recommended item on our website.  Some will agree, many will disagree.  We only hope that White’s contribution encourages folks to think about this subject.

God, it seems obviously apparent, has never revealed scientific knowledge to his prophets.  Yes, God made Man with the intelligence and ability to, collectively, discover scientific truths and exploit them to advance human civilization and quality of life.  And — this is so important — He has always been determined to present revelations to His prophets in language and concept that fits into each prophet’s level of scientific, geographic and biological knowledge.  This means that words and concepts given to His prophets and passed down to us in today’s Bible were chosen to fit within the understood terminology of the era when first revealed.  And, it is that long-ago, primitive terminology that clouds our ability to understand His revelations toda.  So, we must place ourselves, mentally, into the knowledge basis of thousands of years ago, and then begin to read Genesis.  In so doing, both Creation and Evolution can be understood with far more agreement than generally thought.

In this brief book of 86 pages, Howard Ray White presents the creation story in Genesis, the subsequent covenants between God and mankind, all the way to the time of Jesus, doing so in a way that allows you to compare that story to our present scientific understanding.  By experiencing his logical presentation, you will understand that God created the Universe (Big Bang) and created mankind (Adam and Eve, we are not evolved animals) and from our initial creation we have multiplied and spread across the Earth, in the process experiencing the evolution of ourselves.

Inquisitive readers who seek endorsements from The Society of Independent Southern Historians will  take special interest in the latter pages of this compact book, which explore the characteristics of the races of man and explain how those characteristics are the consequence of different evolutionary experiences at different regions of earth tens of thousands of years ago.

Availability of this Book

This book is available as a print book, an e-book, and an audiobook.  You man contact the author at  or go to Amazon.  To see the book on Amazon click on the link below:

To access the audiobook version go here: Understanding Creation and Evolution