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21.13.07 Pace, Charles T. and Wilson Clyde N., Southern Independence: Why War? The War to prevent Southern Independence, published in 2015

Notes Concerning the Authors

Dr. Charles T. Pace is an opthomologist in Greenville, North Carolina.  A student of Southern History for many years, he recently undertook the writing of his thoughts about the Why? of the American Civil War.  Like so many people who have not made a career of history or writing, Dr. Pace brings us a fine presentation of this most important subject.

Dr. Clyde N. Wilson is a retired professor of history in Columbia, South Carolina.  For many years he taught at the University of South Carolina at Columbia.  He is a co-founder of the Abbeville Institute and a co-founder of the Society of Independent Southern Historians.  He has authored many books and articles about Southern History over his long and productive career.

Our Review

Dr. Pace’s style is both literary and historically revealing.  He tells the story of important “Whys?” concerning America’s most horrific conflict.  This work is not comprehensive, for it only consumes 200 pages.  But it is a fine way to gain a useful understanding of the subject that so baffles Americans today.  This is a good read that can be mastered in only a few hours.  Let Dr. Pace help you find the truth, “for the truth shall set you free.” 

Although Dr. Wilson is credited as a co-author, the work is essentially that of Dr. Pace.  Dr. Wilson’s commentary about the work serves as our review.

“(Dr. Pace’s) analysis of the war certainly reflects his long acquaintance with the people it affected in his native Eastern North Carolina. He tells the familiar story of America’s central conflict in a way it has never been written before.

“Celebratory American mythology insists that the war is best understood as the triumph of Northern freedom and idealism over Southern selfishness and slavery. Actually, this interpretation has not always reigned as totally as it does today in all official and “mainstream” discussion. It is the original propaganda position of the Lincoln party that carried out and won the war on the South (incidentally, with far more opposition among people of the North than has been admitted). It is the official rationale of the winning side paraded as impartial history.

“No honest person who reads Dr. Pace’s labour, a work of many years of research and thought, will ever again think that the great war of 1861-1865 was an exercise of righteousness in the suppression of evil.”

Availability of this Book

Available as a paperback print book and as an e-book.  Go to Amazon or to Create Space.  The Amazon paged is shown below.