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21.13.06 Haggman, Bertil, and Gjertveit, Lars, Swedish Generals and Colonels in Gray, 1861-1865, Booklet in English published in 1996

Notes Concerning the Authors

Both are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Europe Camp #1612.  Bertil Haggman, LLM, is a Swedish jurist and author who specializes in Confederate partisan ranger units and guerrilla bands during the War Between the States.  He lives in Sweden and operates an extensive website presenting his many essays on the partisan/guerrilla WBTS theme.  Lars Gjertveit is an officer in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and a re-en-actor and historian of the War Between the States. 

Our Review

This small booklet is interesting because of its specialized subject: to gather up and present brief biographies of Swedish men who served the Confederacy as officers of the rank of Colonel or higher.  The authors also present the history of the battles in which each man fought, so each represents a rather complete story.

The booklet covers the following:

  • Brigadier General Roger Weightman “Old Flintlock” Hanson
  • Brigadier General Charles Gustavus Dahlgren (this fellow became embroiled in a feud with President Davis)
  • Colonel Ludwig August Forsberg
  • Lieutenant Colonel Carl Jacob Hammarskjol
  • Lieutenant Colonel Baron Ludvig (Louis) Lybecker
  • Lieutenant Colonel Eric Ersson
  • Lieutenant Colonel James H. Hallonquist

For those interested in this perspective on the contributions of foreign-born Swedish military leaders in our War Between the States conflict, the Society recommends this quick-read booklet.

Availability of this booklet

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