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21.13.04 Walker, Gary C., The War in Southwest Virginia, 1861-1865, published in recent times

Notes Concerning the Author

Gary C. Walker, a Wytheville, Virginia native, dedicated over seven years to researching and writing this book.  He is a member of the Society.

Author’s Review

The subject covered by Gary Walker is an important one for students of military tactics during the War Between the States.  His history concerning protecting the salt and lead supplies in Southwest Virginia is an important subject for study.  The author’s review follows:

“For over 145 years the crucial role Southwest Virginia played in the greatest American conflict has been overlooked.  Now you can have the book that accurately details the importance of this section.  The United States was a foreign country, and the Confederacy fought for its life.  The fight would have been very short without Southwest Virginia.

“You’ll ride with some of the Federal’s best troops under the generalship of the excellent Stoneman, the determined Crook, and the inept Burbridge as they try to stop the salt and lead flowing to General Lee over the Virginia-Tennessee Railroad.

“You’ll join the Dixie boys in the trenches and brave overwhelming odds.  Generals Breckinridge, Jackson, the “Devil” Morgan and their men  gave it their all as they tried to push the invaders back again and again!

“Yankee troops spent much time and blood in the mountains of Southwest Virginia.  They knew if they could stop the supply of either lead or salt, the Confederacy was doomed!

“Gary C. Walker used over 100 sources in researching this book.  It is comprehensive and detailed with 362 footnotes, 7 maps, and 85 pictures.  Some are never before published reenactment photos.”

Availability of this book

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