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20.11.01 A Essay Concerning the Question: Do you believe that the White Race is Superior to the Black Race?, by Howard Ray White, published in 2014

Many of The Society of Independent Southern Historians — especially those who dare to be politically incorrect when facing choices of truthfulness versus conformity — are occasionally quizzed with the “got ya” adversarial question:

“Do you believe that the White Race is Superior to the Black Race?”

Good luck, friend!

In times such as those, let me suggest the following answer, which for me is the absolute truth of the matter.


I must humbly submit that what I believe does not amount to much.  So I shall answer this question based on my understanding of the evidence available to mankind today.

First, I must explain that all individuals all around the world are each unique, no two alike, except for identical twins at birth.  Everybody is different, having various individual strengths and weaknesses.  Today’s genetic science substantiates this conclusion.

Second, I must be sure everyone understands that many so-called white Americans are descended from the European (Caucasian) race with no significant admixture of African or Asian ancestry.  On the other hand, the vast majority of African Americans are descended from a mixture of European and African ancestors, making them not a race but a mixed-race group.  This gives that group, as a whole, characteristics that range from essentially European to essentially African.

Third, I must submit that the question of superior versus ordinary versus inferior needs to be classified by defining what category of ability is being measured.  No person is superior in all categories of endeavor and no race is superior in all categories of endeavor.  In fact, it is difficult to accurately measure ability in some categories.  But an exception is the category of athletic competition.  Here very fine differences can be discerned.  Let us talk about basketball.

In the category of athletic ability where quickness, strength and leaping ability is key to superior performance, there is ample evidence of clear superiority among the most gifted  men and women whose ancestry is traced back to the African race (blacks in sub-Sahara Africa).  And, men with extraordinary ability at this sport, the vast majority being African Americans, are paid enormous salaries.

There is considerable evidence that many people of European and Asian ancestry are very successful in fields of science, medicine, corporate leadership, academic excellence, and so forth, these fields drawing on excellence in mental ability.  Regarding this evidence, I will submit that what I believe is not important.

But there is one area of belief that is important and that does characterize me.  I am a Christian and believe that the account of creation in the Holy Bible is truthful with regard to two major conclusions.  I believe, on faith for I cannot present evidence, that God created the Universe (Big Bang) and made possible the evolution of everything we see in the heavens and all around us here on Earth.  I believe that God created mankind and gave him a soul (that event was not evolution), that we are not just another species of animals.  Since His creation of mankind in east Africa, we have multiplied and spread out across the globe, and evolved in the process, to become the vast population we see today ­– a population where each individual remains unique and where groups of individuals can be perceived as being members of a race or a mixture of races.  Yet, we remain all one family in that we are all God’s people. 

Howard Ray White

PS: for further reading regarding this question and answer see my book, Understanding Creation and Evolution: A Biblical and Scientific Comparative Study.  Click on the link below: