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20.07.02 Warner, William, “Political Islam” (Warner’s study of Islam teaches much about “How to Study History”)

Understanding “How to Study History” Transcends Region and Era

Understanding “How to Study History,” in reality, involves all regions of the earth, beginning in antiquity and going forward to today.  This means that, regarding proper study, our subject is not limited to the history of our Southern States.  Why?  Because, irrespective of the historical subject of interest, a person can gain knowledge of “How to Study History” by receiving straightforward “how to” instruction or by viewing examples of great success in pursuit of the goal.  Here we present the latter, the great success achieved by Dr. William Warner in demonstrating how he came to understand the true history of Islam.

Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics and math, NC State University, 1968. He has been a university professor, businessman, and applied physicist.  Among his many endeavors, for eight years he was a professor at Tennessee State University in the Engineering School.  Bill’s lack of formal training in history is not surprising.  We of the Society find that many of the best histories and biographies do not come from University-trained historians.

We are going to connect you with a 45-minute video produced by Dr. Warner, in which he tells the truthful history of Islam.  First read an introduction by Society member Richard Bender Abell, of Virginia.  The link to the video will follow.

Introduction to Dr. William Warner’s Video on Islam, by Richard Bender Abell

The evil of political correctness has so degenerated our social sciences that we are virtually bereft of intellectual objectivity in academia. We appear to be between The Brave New World and 1984 – a deleterious Scylla and Charybdis. Historians now threaten their own careers by presenting objective factual narratives much less opinions independent from dictated norms. This 45 minute video on the 1,400 year history of Islam and its constant aggressive sanguinary confrontation with the West is written and narrated by a scientist, Dr. William Warner, and not an historian. The Liberal Establishment is yet to conclude how to muddle and tergiversate the simplicity of two plus two equals four. Therefore they deep-six it! Our national polity becomes engineer, physician, and scientist “challenged,” and we import those whom we previously exported. We need a scientist to explain history.

View this video. It presents unpleasant factual truths that if confronted by our society would lead us to foundational changes. It is an exemplar of what Western historians should be producing and are not. Our norms, values, society, and culture are under direct attack; we are being confronted with evil and like the proverbial ostrich, we prefer to stick our heads in the sand rather than confront it.  Good Lord deliver us.

Your Link to the Video

Before inviting you to click on the link to the video, we need to mention Dr. Warner’s website, Political Islam.  After the video, you might want to explore other resources at his website:

Click here for the video

Click here for the website:

The above commentary is provided by Howard Ray White and Richard Bender Abell.