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Welcome to the Society website.  View Society publications and our bibliography of works we recommend.  Discover here complete and truthful understanding of the history and culture of the Southern People.  Just look  around or [Click here to view our intro video]
  • Our recent publication, Understanding the War Between the States, is an amazing teaching tool for school, for college and for older folk.  Click here to see a review and learn how to obtain a copy.
  • Our web-site, as in a library, presents a bibliography of our endorsed, recommended readings.  You see 12 numbered buttons on the sides, each leading to a group of library file drawers.  Click on a button, such as 02, to view the library file drawers within that group.  Select a drawer, such as 02.06 and click on it to see the author/title of each library card listed in that drawer.  Select a listing and click on the number to read our review .

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